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Evictions Through Substantial Rehabilitation

AB 1482 and SB 567 Eviction Rules

New laws AB 1482 and SB 567 make it harder for landlords to evict tenants without a valid reason. AB 1482 has already set stricter eviction rules for reasons like owner occupancy or major renovations, requiring landlords to follow specific procedures and give detailed notices.


 SB 567 strengthens these protections by extending them to all tenants from the start of their tenancy, instead of after 12 months. These changes ensure greater security for tenants and require landlords to adhere to clear guidelines before evicting a tenant.

New Requirements for Evictions Due to Substantial Remodeling Starting April 2024

According to Bornstein Law, starting April 1, 2024, landlords subject to statewide rent and eviction controls must have their renovation plans ready and permits issued before they can evict tenants for substantial remodeling. Currently, this is not required.

Under the new law, landlords still have the right to evict tenants through substantial remodeling, but there are important changes:

  1. Notice Requirements: Landlords must include specific details about the remodeling work in the eviction notice, and tenants must be informed about their right to reoccupy the property if the work doesn’t start or finish as planned.
  2. Penalties for Non-Compliance: Landlords who don’t follow the new law can face heavy penalties. This is to prevent dishonest landlords from falsely evicting tenants.
  3. Documentation Requirement: Landlords must provide proof that the remodeling work will happen, not just promise it. This includes permits and a clear explanation of the work.
  4. Eviction Process: If tenants don’t leave within 60 days after proper notice, landlords can file for eviction.

Overall, the new law aims to protect tenants from unfair evictions and ensure that landlords follow through with substantial remodeling plans as promised.


In conclusion, understanding the ins and outs of substantial renovations and the evolving legal landscape surrounding evictions is crucial for landlords looking to enhance their property's value and appeal. As you navigate these complexities, remember to stay informed about new requirements.


It's essential to have your renovation plans in place, comply with notice requirements, and provide proper documentation to avoid penalties and ensure a smooth process. 

By staying proactive and informed, you can successfully execute substantial renovations that benefit both your property and your tenants. 

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