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1031 Exchange Program

Whether it’s your first 1031 exchange, or you’re a seasoned exchanger, our team will help you identify the ideal up-leg for your upcoming trade.

Your Partner for 1031 Exchange

Our program for 1031 Exchange provides expert guidance on meeting the necessary requirements outlined in Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. With the assistance of our experienced team and access to top-notch Qualified Intermediaries (QIs), we offer a tailored and flexible approach to help you accomplish your real estate investment objectives and enhance your financial standing.

WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING - Working together, we commence the process of identifying your up-leg investment property as soon as you enlist our team's services, eliminating any uncertainty associated with your 1031 exchange.

PERSONALIZED STRATEGY - We take the time to fully comprehend your motivations for owning commercial investment properties. By prioritizing these underlying motivations and crafting a long-term strategy, we aim to assist you in attaining your financial goals through a well-executed 1031 exchange.

SYNCHRONIZE TIMELINES FOR SMOOTH CASH-FLOW - We implement various strategies to ensure a stress-free exchange process while minimizing disruptions in cash-flow. Firstly, we negotiate seller extension clauses in your down-leg escrow, allowing for additional time. Moreover, we often submit offers on your up-leg property or even waive contingencies before the sale of your down-leg property has closed.

Exchange Blueprint: Crafting Your 1031 Strategy

Multifamily & Residential

Multifamily & Residential

Multifamily and other residential investment properties have proven to be a reliable asset class, known for their resilience during economic downturns and periods of volatility. A significant portion of our clientele, who are primarily focused on multifamily investments, prefer to maintain their holdings within this sector by utilizing a 1031 exchange to roll their capital into new apartment deals.

Our team has a strong history of facilitating successful exchanges from one multifamily property to another, enabling our clients to pursue various objectives. Whether they are seeking larger properties with a greater number of units, improved cash flow,  new depreciation, opportunities in newer construction projects, or better locations, we have consistently delivered favorable outcomes.

Triple-Net Properties (NNN)

Triple-Net Properties (NNN)

A triple net lease, also known as triple-net or NNN lease, pertains to a specific type of commercial real estate lease in which the tenant or lessee assumes full responsibility for property expenses. This includes real estate taxes, building insurance, maintenance costs, as well as rent and utilities. To alleviate the burdens of day-to-day management associated with owning and operating investment real estate, many of our clients choose to exchange into secure, long-term triple net properties.

To assist our clients in identifying suitable NNN exchange properties, we leverage an extensive network of agents specializing in net leases across the United States. Through this network, we can connect our clients with opportunities that align with their investment objectives and provide them with a hassle-free ownership experience for their 1031 exchange.

Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST)

Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST)

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is a structure for real estate ownership that enables multiple investors to acquire fractional interests in the trust's holdings. Through this arrangement, professional real estate operators, known as DST sponsors, can acquire high-quality institutional real estate and subsequently sell partial interests in the trust to buyers engaged in 1031 exchanges. DSTs provide investors with the chance to passively invest in institutional real estate deals, enjoying monthly cash flow distributions and depreciation benefits.

Our team maintains direct partnerships with numerous prominent DST sponsors and brokers across the country. This allows us to provide our clients with access to a wide range of opportunities and expert guidance in navigating the DST investment landscape.



Industrial commercial properties refer to real estate assets that are primarily used for industrial purposes, such as manufacturing, warehousing, or logistics. These properties serve as the operational hubs for businesses involved in various industries. Many investors find industrial commercial properties appealing due to their potential for long-term stability and consistent income generation.  As an investment option, industrial commercial properties offer several advantages. They often have longer lease terms, providing a stable income stream for investors. Additionally, the demand for industrial spaces remains strong, driven by the growth of e-commerce, supply chain expansion, and other industrial sectors. This demand helps ensure a high occupancy rate and potentially attractive returns.  

Our team specializes in assisting clients interested in industrial commercial property investments for their 1031 exchange. We work closely with industry professionals, including developers, brokers, and property managers, to identify lucrative opportunities that align with our clients' investment goals. By leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we aim to provide our clients with valuable insights and guidance throughout the investment process.

Health Care

Health Care

Healthcare properties encompass a diverse range of real estate assets specifically designed and dedicated to providing medical and healthcare services. These properties include hospitals, medical office buildings, outpatient clinics, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare-related facilities. Investing in healthcare properties can offer unique opportunities for investors seeking stable income and potential long-term growth.

Healthcare properties are often characterized by strong demand and a stable tenant base. The healthcare industry is driven by the essential need for medical services, creating a consistent demand for healthcare facilities. Additionally, demographic trends, such as an aging population and increasing healthcare needs, contribute to the long-term viability of healthcare properties as an investment class.

Our team specializes in assisting clients interested in healthcare property investments for their 1031 exchange. We collaborate closely with healthcare real estate experts, developers, and operators to identify promising opportunities within the sector. Through our extensive network and industry knowledge, we aim to provide our clients with comprehensive support in navigating the healthcare property market and making informed investment decisions.

1031 Exchange Timeline

  1. LISTING AGREEMENT SIGNED - We have officially signed an exclusive listing agreement.

  2. MOTIVATIONS RANKING - Evaluate and prioritize your fundamental motivations for owning commercial investment properties.

  3. IDEAL UPLEG PROPERTY - Define the characteristics of your ideal replacement property for the upleg exchange.

  4. EXECUTION OF DOWNLEG SALE - Acting as your trusted advisors, we implement and successfully carry out the sales strategy for your downleg property.

  5. PROPERTY SOURCING - We actively search, assess, and recommend a wide selection of available properties.

  6. QUALIFIED INTERMEDIARY (QI) PARTNER - We connect you with a reputable Qualified Intermediary (QI) or Exchange Accommodator from our network of trusted partners.

  7. PROPERTY IDENTIFICATION - You can identify up to Five potential exchange properties as part of the transaction.

  8. OFFERS & CLOSING - We handle the submission of your Letters of Intent (LOIs) and offers for your desired upleg properties. We will provide comprehensive assistance throughout the due diligence process and ensures a successful closing.

Work With Hanna John

During his past experiences, Hanna John has gained particularly strong knowledge and hands-on experience in maneuvering complex multi-faceted value-add investments.