14 new Bay Area November reports are now available

Link to Bay Area Flipbook Newsletters - These unchanging flipbook links will always go to the most recent monthly report (easy for websites, email signatures, newsletters, or to quickly zip to a client).
Link to email newsletters in Marketing Center. You can personalize/customize these. Another option is to use a single "click-here" image that is hyperlinked to the flipbook version, which is a good option if you wish to insert the market report into your custom, personal newsletter.
Link to google docs folder of downloadable Bay Area PDF reports and chart images (for social media or to insert in your own custom materials). You can download the entire folder for your market region by right-clicking on the folder. 
Flipbook versions and google docs folders include additional charts than those included in the email newsletter versions. 
Sacramento and Tahoe agents will be contacted by Marketing when their new market reports are available. 
Here is the latest daily average interest rate chart (already inserted in newsletters) and stock market chart: 
The intro text to the reports (which you can delete from the email versions to write your own intro, or you can edit using the Word document version in the google docs folder):

Work With Hanna John

During his past experiences, Hanna John has gained particularly strong knowledge and hands-on experience in maneuvering complex multi-faceted value-add investments.